Halloweensie Time!

Every year, Susanna Leonard Hill hosts her Halloweensie contest, which invites writers of children’s literature to write a Halloween story in 100 words or less. Today marks the first day of the Halloweensie contest, so if you want to read some great Halloween stories, hop over to Susanna’s blog!

And here’s my story . . .

The Spookiest House on the Block.

Skeletons dangled from the trees, twisting in the wind. Flickering lights barely illumined the sidewalk.

“Maybe we should just go to the next house,” Aiden whispered.

“No way,” Sophie said. She adjusted her mask, gulped, and crept carefully past clinging cobwebs.

“WELCOME!” Something lurking on the porch turned glowing red eyes towards them. Aiden shrieked.

Sophie ran past the figure and slammed her hand on the doorbell. “Trick or treat!” she gasped.

“Happy Halloween,” replied the man who answered. He dropped several treats into her bag.

They were full size Snickers!

“Best house on the block,” Sophie told Aiden.

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25 thoughts on “Halloweensie Time!”

  1. Fun story! We had the opposite happen last night: the kids braved a spooky yard of decorations, smoke, cobwebs, and the owners in full costume trying to scare everyone. Their reward was those tiny, individual Reese’s cups!


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