“Magique Comes Home”

Having posted about Vivian Kirkfield’s annual 50 Precious Words contest, I’d probably be remiss if I didn’t also share my contest entry here.

This story was inspired by a conversation with my oldest child. When I told him about someone I knew who had found their lost cat weeks after the Camp Fire in Paradise, he gave me a wide-eyed stare and solemnly said: “That sounds like magic to me!” And I knew there had to be a story about that . . .

I don’t really understand how cats know to survive a wildfire, but I’ve heard many stories of lost kitties finally being found and claimed, sometime months after the fire. It kind of seems like magic to me, too.

Magique Comes Home

Smoke rises.

Ash falls.

Sirens wail.

Animals run: up trees,

into ponds, under culverts.

Whew — safe.

Hide. Wait.

Then, cautious steps.

Fearful sniffs.

Come home? Only ruins.

Wait. Hunger. Hunt. Wonder.

Sniff. TUNA?! Come running!

Gulp, gulp, caught.

Hello, old friend! Purr.

Car ride.

New home.

Warm lap.

Welcome back!  

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