Halloweensie 2018: “The Halloween Guest.”

Later, maybe I’ll make a proper introduction post. But today, I’m going to jump right into blogging with my entry for Susanna Hill’s “Halloweensie” contest. Here it is, my 100 word Halloween story:

“The Halloween Guest”


Halloween night was stormy. Grimalkin huddled under a dripping bush. Shiver!

When the witch’s cottage door cracked open, he took his chance and ran inside. Warmth! Light!

“Shoo, cat!” grumbled Tansy the witch.  A howl of the wind softened her heart: “You can stay, but just for the night.”

Grimalkin explored. So much to see: jars of herbs; bottles of potions; bubbling cauldron!

Sniff! That potion didn’t smell right. Grimalkin tipped a little catnip in and stirred clockwise. Better!

Tansy tasted the potion. “Sweet! With magic like that, you’d be a great familiar. What do you say?”

“Purr!” said Grimalkin.

monochrome photography of black cat
Photo by Crina Doltu on Pexels.com

11 thoughts on “Halloweensie 2018: “The Halloween Guest.””

  1. So, I clicked over and immediately thought “wait! I didn’t know Theresa had a blog!” Congratulations! I love it and am going to be a follower for sure. Great story! It felt like longer than 100 words (which I definitely mean as a compliment.) Good luck!

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  2. Welcome to the blogosphere, Teresa! I am honored that you jumped in with an entry for Halloweensie! Love that Grimalkin found a home with Tansy on Halloween night – they were surely meant to be together! Thanks for joining in the contest fun!


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