Welcome to the bonus material page for Spooky and the Gargoyle! I’m so happy you’re here. Whether you are a parent, teacher, librarian, or someone else, I hope you have fun sharing this book with children.

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you think you are more like Spooky, or more like Eben? What makes you think that?
  2. Think about a time when you were in a new situation, like Spooky in her new home. How did you feel? What helped you feel more comfortable in that situation?
  3. At the beginning of the book, Spooky is afraid of dogs. Is there anything you are afraid of? Is there anything you can learn from Spooky about how to handle your fears?
  4. Spooky and Eben are very different, but they become friends. Why do you think that happens?


  • Spooky coloring page! You can print this image off and color it.

Make Your Own Gargoyle Puppet!
You will need: a paper lunch bag, construction paper, kid-safe scissors, glue or tape, markers or crayons


  • The paper bag will become the body of the gargoyle.
  • Use markers or crayons to design body parts: horns, ears, wings, tail, whatever you think the gargoyle needs! Be creative and use whatever colors you like best.
  • Use child safety scissors to cut out the body parts, or ask a grown up to help.
  • Attach the body parts to the paper bag using glue or tape. The face of the gargoyle goes on the flap that folds down; this will be the front. If you want to give your gargoyle fangs, you can attach them to the inside of the fold so that they stick out.
  • When the gargoyle is finished, put your hand inside the paper bag and make the gargoyle open and close his mouth!

Note: I’d love to see what your gargoyle looks like! If you want to share your creation, ask a grown-up to email a picture to teresatraver1@gmail.com and I will post it for other people to see.