A Story for St. Nicholas Day!

Thank you to everyone who read and commented on “Ten Chocolate Coins.” Your comments meant a lot! I am taking it down now to revise and expand.

My apologies if you got here from a link hoping to find a story. I promise there will be more holiday stories in the future!

17 thoughts on “A Story for St. Nicholas Day!”

  1. Teresa, small acts of kindness often have big impacts, as Carita knew. Wonderful story and wonderful that it has STEM in it as well. I really enjoyed reading it.

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  2. What a sweet, selfless story with nice counting element layered in so smoothly! Carita was a true hero! I think my favorite one was the one she slipped in Daddy’s coat pocket for him to find while working the night shift – what a thoughtful gift and no doubt lovely and welcome surprise for him! Thanks for joining in the holiday fun!

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